opening hours

8:00-16:00 (GMT +1)
  • Basic information

    Alltrack H: 90cm wide, steerable crop care trolley on rubber wheels with a hydraulic lifting of the working platform is designed for crop care & cultivation in modern & professional greenhouses. Equipped with electric drive 24VDC, motion controller to the pump unit, 2 scissors hydraulic mechanism for lifting (max platform height: 300cm, max operating height ~470cm), tilt sensor. Trolley designed for greenhouses without pipe rail system (heating pipes).

  • Functions and special features


    • smooth steering control via 2-axis joystick,
    • manual height adjustment of the work platform,
    • stepless drive speed adjustment,
    • smooth start and stop of the trolley,
    • contactless footswitch,
    • drive unit overload protection system,
    • thermal protection of control unit,
    • clear LED display (battery charge indicator and status of the control unit),
    • emergency STOP buttons,
    • safe platform railings.

    Hydraulic scissors:

    • very stable double hydraulic scissors,
    • powered by 2 hydraulic cylinders,
    • high speed up and down,
    • soft start and stop function,
    • long life of the electric motor (soft start & stop function).

    Driving wheels:

    • special rubber wheels with pneumatic tires for driving on the flat surfaces,
    • maximum speed up to 42 m/min.


    • joystick control enables driving on flat terrain surfaces without a pipe rail system,
    • heavy-duty construction,
    • extra operating panel integrated with chassis (battery indicator, charging plug, emergency switch).