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    AST-02HR trolley for spraying greenhouse plants and professional cleaning of the greenhouse roof is another company proposal in the field of automatic trolleys for performing chemical plant protection treatments in professional greenhouse growing. AST-02HR is equipped with an automatic hose reel that connects to pressure generator. Built-in batteries supply control and drive circuits and allow for uninterrupted operation of trolley for about 6-8 hours – depending on the condition of rail-pipe system in the greenhouse.

    AST-02HR has an automated electrical maneuvering chassis. A modern PLC class driver from SIEMENS provides intuitive operation and programming of operating parameters for up to 12 different settings / programs, enabling operation in automatic as well as manual mode.

    Mast is made of stainless steel and equipped with two independent spraying beams. One is intended for main spraying (simultaneous spraying on the right and left of row during the return), the other for spraying the ends (including walls) and the beginning of rows. Basic spraying boom is equipped as standard with a pressure gauge and 9 pairs of independently adjustable double housings with cone and triangular flat jet nozzles. Drain valves are installed at the bottom of each beam.

    In addition, this version of AST-02HR – an automatic greenhouse spraying and washing trolley, is equipped with the equipment that allows washing the roof and walls of the greenhouse after connecting it to a high-pressure sprayer with an appropriate liquid for this type of treatment.

    After washing – additional equipment can be dismantled and used as a standard sprayer for greenhouse plants.