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  • Basic information

    WANJET R4 is a remotely controlled hose reel designed for working with the WANJET HP-300 and HP-110 series sprayers.

    Remote control R4 can be done in two ways:

    1. By opening a spray gun or valve in short cycles (typically 1-2 s). The retractor will change the operating mode between coiling and stopping.
    2. Opening the gun or valve. R4 will roll the hose as long as the liquid flows out. By closing the gun or valve, the retractor R4 will go into stop mode.

    The drum will roll the hose with the speed set in the controller settings, except for the last 3 m – then the speed will be reduced for safety reasons.
    Blocking the hose or too much force during winding will result in the retractor stopping automatically.


Dimensions (L x W x H), cm 55x39x109
Weight, kg 36
Motor power 300
Speed, m/min 30-60
Reel capacity, 3/8" hose*, m 120
Reel capacity, 1/2" hose**, m 85
Maximum working pressure***, bar 200
Min. Flow rate, l/min 3,2
* Outer diameter = 14.5 mm, weight 105 g / m ** Outer diameter = 18.5 mm, weight 155 g / m *** or less if the maximum working pressure of the hose is lower * The hose reel was developed for the use of Wanjet light hoses. Hoses heavier than those provided above may be too heavy which may affect the usefulness of the retractor