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  • Basic information

    The most popular spray-cart „Georgia” is constructed in such manner that all controls are positioned on one side of the cart as a result of chich unnecesary walking around the cart will be avoided. Even the filling hole is positioned, as much as possibile at the side of the tank. The tank can easily be reached for filling purposes, as the wheel boxes buried in the tank makes the whole cart low based. To put it briefly this extremely userfriendly spray cast chich will keep you going for many years.

    Standard edition:

    • PE liquid tanks, 600, 1000 or 1500 litre content, highly smooth finishing on the inside as well as on the outside;
    • strainer box in the filling hole;
    • tab cover with ventilation;
    • clean water tank;
    • suction hose assembled in the bottom guarantees full empty the tank as a result of chich the residual liquid will be limited to an absolute minimum;
    • all horizontal surfaces within the tank are at least 7 degrees slanting;
    • a lockable suction filter which enable the filter being cleaned with a full tank;
    • a filling pipe with quick connector and non-return valve are assembled in the tank;
    • a water gauge with a scale marking per 50 litres and drain tap are assembled;
    • a pressure relief tap is assembler on the pump;
    • injection nozzle in the tank to mix the spray liquids in an optimum manner;
    • 4 wheels 6-ply with brake on the fron wheel;
    • various reels, spray guns and options can be assembled;
    • powder coated frame.