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  • Basic information

    The presented axial fans are intended for use in an environment with high humidity characteristic especially for greenhouse facilities.
    Circulation fans offered by our company are characterized by a compact and solid construction, high mechanical and energy efficiency (they are energy-saving), and reliability in operation.

    The fan housing made of sheet steel (series FN040) is protected against corrosion by galvanizing and then powder coating. ZN045 fan housing is made of durable and weatherproof plastic.
    In order to provide a precisely directed air flow, which is particularly important in greenhouses, special blades were placed inside the elongated housing (series ZN045).

    Access to the rotor is secured by a protective wire grille made of steel wire, attached to the housing. The fans are adapted for hanging. Additional fan equipment – a series of analogue speed controllers.


    PARALLEL VENTILATION is achieved by arranging the fans in two rows with the back parts of the fans from one row turned to the back parts of the fans from the other row, e.g. along the middle path of the greenhouse. The air is blown over the crops, towards the gable walls of the greenhouse, from which it rebounds and moves back through the lower part of the greenhouse among the plants and along the adjacent naves. Nevertheless, in some cases, due to the sensitivity of the plants to the air movement achieved through the abovementioned arrangement of the fans, it is better to use a linear ventilation.


    LINEAR VENTILATION here, the fans are suspended above the plants in a row. As a result, the air blown out by one fan is sucked by another fan and blown out once more. Consequently, the air movement takes place mostly above the harvest.

  • The number of fans:

    It is recommended to install a number of fans sufficient for intermixing the whole air in the greenhouse in one hour’s time.

  • How should they be suspended? 

    Minimum 0.5-1 m below the gutter. If the distribution of the temperatures inside the greenhouse is uneven, i.e. the temperature near one gable is higher than near the other gable, the fans should blow the hot air towards the colder part. The use of fans helps to level off the temperatures or to reduce the difference between them by 3-4 ºC.

  • When to turn on the fans?

    When the difference of temperature in various places inside the greenhouse exceeds 0.5 ºC.

    When the windows are closed, till the moment when they are opened 2-5 %.

    When there is no wind.

    When in tight, modern greenhouses, with the temperature difference of 15 ºC between the inside and the outside of the greenhouse, the windows are opened in a few percents in order to prevent the humidity of the air inside the greenhouse from dropping suddenly.

  • NOTE!

    Fans are necessary in tight greenhouses and when the foil is stretched. Large temperature differences have to be levelled off by insulating the pipes. The use of fans increases electricity and heating consumption, but it also helps to grow better plants of similar sizes.

Technical information

ModelDimensions (mm)Flow rate (m3 / h)Range (m)Power supply Noise level (dB)
ZN045 610x610x2706000451~ 230v 50hz74
FN040400x530x2002700251~ 230v 50hz72
ModelEngine power (W)Rotor speed (min-1)Weight (kg)Packaging (mm)
ZN045 380 125010Not applicable
FN040 1309508410x540x210