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Drainage holes cutter

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  • Basic information

    Drainage holes cutter for rockwool slab is designed for manual cutting of holes in a foil covering mineral wool blocks.

    Usage method
    Holding the cutter by the handle, put the disc in the place where you want to be the hole. Press the knob down. Nails pierce the foil and dig into the wool. The disc presses the punched foil. Movable part of the cutter starts a rotation during which the cutting knife cuts a circular hole.


    All elements of the device are protected against corrosion:

    • steel elements have been galvanized
    • the other elements are made of PA 6 aluminum or PVC
    • standard version supplied with a 10 cm disc

    Work productivity

    • about 800-1000 holes / hour.
    • durability of the knife: approx. 2,500 holes
    • durability of the cutter: approx. 25,000 hole


Carton:630X120X50 mm
Net weight:580 g
The set contains:10 knives