opening hours

8:00-16:00 (GMT +1)
  • Basic information and specification

    Trailed agricultural and greenhouse high-pressure sprayer OT-600 is designed especially for horizontal spraying in foil tunnels and glass greenhouses with hanging gutters.  Crop protection with OT-600 spraying system is specially suggested for strawberry and ornamental flower crops.

    Sprayer is adapted for towing with an orchard tractor  – that provides it with mechanical power to the pump and hydraulic power to working parts.

    OT-600 tank with folding beams is used to transport and apply the spraying liquid to the leaves and stalks of strawberry plants. Chemical substances with disinfecting or fertilizing properties are used to spray. These agents, mixed with water in an appropriate proportion, are sprayed on plants in atomized form under high pressure.

  • Main features

    • piston pump min. 50 l/min; min. 50 bar driven from a tractor by the PTO shaft;
    • pressure regulator with overflow function;
    • water agitation of the solution in the tank;
    • 48 double adjustable nozzles equipped with flat fan and conical nozzles;
    • frame on one rear axis;
    • tank with a capacity of 600 l on the frame;
    • 2 pneumatic wheels;
    • two spraying arms, controlled (folded, and unfolded) hydraulically driven from the tractor’s hydraulic system (2-way circuit needed);
    • hydraulically adjustable support arms in terms of the spraying height (vertical axis adjustment up and down – adjustment range about 40 cm – 1-way circuit needed);
    • tilt regulation due to the terrain (2-way circuit needed).