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  • Basic information

    PRECILIFT P-350 – New 2021!

    New greenhouse pipe rail crop care trolley with electric drive 24VDC, equipped with hydraulic unit, 2 scissors with single hydraulic cylinder for lifting mechanism up to 3.35m high, 4 self-adjusted swivel wheels. The two middle wheels will make your operations on the concrete paths very easy and convenient.

    Trolley is equipped with maintenance free single drive unit 24VDC/330W (no chain!), and wet full traction battery (lifetime ~1000-1200 charging cycles).

    Ergonomic access from both ends with self-closing gates, high speed (up to 90m/min in turbo mode), controlled descent and soft landing. Built in USB socket for external (cooling) fan and/or mobile phone charging.

    Maximum lifting height up to 350 cm on the pipe-rail system.
    The maximum speed of travel on the tube-rail system is up to 90 m/min (in “turbo” mode).
    Built-in double USB power socket – the ability to charge a mobile phone or connect an external fan.


    The new, DUAL chainless drive unit requires no maintenance for the lifetime of the trolley, and the transmission life is designed for 15 years.

    The 350W motor provides the right amount of torque throughout the speed range of the truck.

    Controlling the ride and maneuvering the trolley with the joystick inside the greenhouse is now very easy, effective and ergonomic. This translates into an increase in work efficiency and improvement of broadly understood work safety.


  • Functions and special features

    • dual chainless drive unit,
    • driving control and maneuvering the trolley with a joystick
    • wide, comfortable and safe entrances on both sides of the work platform,
    • safe entrance gates with self-closing,
    • reliable, waterproof and vandal-proof control switches,
    • stable structure on a new double scissor mechanism,
    • smooth start and stop system in the entire range of work,
    • built-in system for changing the wheelbase in the range from 425mm to 600mm,
    • automatic, waterproof and maintenance-free battery charger (can be built into the trolley body).

Technical data

Dimensions working platform480 x 1990 mm
Min. height of platform530 mm
Max height of platform3350 mm
Weight trolley510 kg
Max platform load110 kg (1 person)

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