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  • Basic information and specification

    PS-1000 is an advanced professional high-pressure sprayer with a 1000l tank designed for for medium-sized and large-scale greenhouses. PS-1000 can be used in indoor and outdoor crop protection and treatment.
    Available with an electric motor in standard, and petrol engine upon request.


    Main features are:

    • 4kW three-phase electric motor connected to the pump by a coupling and a vibration damper,
    • time counter for calculating total work time of equipment
    • efficient 3-way valve with smooth pressure regulation, pressure gauge and by-pass function,
    • protection against “bubble” of liquid returning to the tank through a by-pass,
    • solid hose drum with a 180-degree rotation function (-90 / 0 / + 90) with a lock,
    • drum is equipped with a blockade that prevents the hose from unrolling itself,
    • rolls supporting the guiding of the hose during unwinding and winding up,
    • durable and bearing wheels have a positive effect on lightness during transport inside the greenhouse,
    • steel frame protected against corrosion
    • 4 pumps to choose from:
      – 15 l. /150 bar
      – 21 l. /100 bar
      – 35 l. /50 bar (standard)
      – 50 l. /50 bar
  • Tank

    • capacity of 1000 l.
    • tank inlet with a filter,
    • tank cover with a vent valve,
    • very smooth inner walls of the tank facilitate cleaning and keeping it clean,
    • an additional clean water tank, e.g. for washing hands,
    • function of mixing the working liquid inside the tank,
    • valve for emptying residual working liquid / rinse

Dimensions (LxWxH)2570 x 1210 x 1590
Current supply4 kW, 3x400V AC
Weight (without hose)325 kg
Pump capacity 35 l. /50 bar (standard)
Working pressure0-150 bar (depends on the pump type)