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8:00-16:00 (GMT +1)
  • Basic information

    Twine winding machines series NZ-03 and NZ-06 are designed for semi-automatic winding of string on steel hooks for tomatoes made of 3 mm wire. The use of the above mentioned device allows accurate and repeatable winding of the twine with the desired length, strictly to the client’s needs. Manufactured in two versions: three spindles – dedicated to one-man and six-spindle – dedicated to two-person service.

    • 3x / 6x hook holders
    • free fall system for 2x rubber bands
    • supported by 2 employees (recommended)
    • adjustable metal table
    • programmable counter (I-st spool; II-nd spool)
    • 400V power supply
    • power consumption 180W
    • electromechanical brakes
    • inductive sensor for counting revolutions
    • inductive sensor for switching the free fall string during winding
    • electromechanical drive for a free fall cord
    • made of steel
    • double anti-corrosion layer (whole sandblasted construction, 1 layer of anti-corrosion paint and 1 coat of color paint applied)
    • estimated production capacity with 2 operators, total length of twine 12 m including free fall for 8 hours: 5000-6000 pcs = depends on the activity of operators !!!


TypeNZ-03 NZ-06
Power400 V 400 V
Amount of hook holders:36
Models of winded hooks:14, 18, 22 cm 14, 18, 22 cm
Device operation:1 person2 person
Productivity per 8 hours: 3 000 pcs6 000 szt./zm.
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