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  • Basic information

    Tomato suspensions / hooks are used for modern vegetable growing in greenhouses in the so-called prolonged cultivation of tomato, cucumber and paprika plants. A special cord wound onto the hooks allows the crops to be grown during the whole period of cultivation (9-10 months) in professional greenhouse.

    Company’s production range includes 3 tomato hooks sizes made for individual order:

    • 14 cm
    • 18 cm
    • 22 cm

    Hooks are made of zinc-coated steel wire 3.00 mm in diameter. There are 3 ways of winding twine on the hook:

    • with single-bundle
    • with double-bundle and free-fall with rubber band
    • with double-bundle and free-fall with retractable bundle (ZeroHook)

    A double bundle allows to significantly reduce hooks preparation time in the greenhouse, as instead of time-consuming manual cord unwinding we can release the second bundle in one quick movement. Free-fall part of twine is than ready to have the plant attached to it.

    We are using polypropylene PP twine with different colors from well-known Polish producers, with thickness:

    • 1000 m / kg
    • 1100 m / kg
    • 1200 m / kg

    We can propose also ECO (biodegradable and compostable) Biotwine with Natural and Cellulose fiber, as also PLA biodegradable twine from EU producers for sustainable tomato growing in modern greenhouses in a manner consistent with ecological requirements.

    Invite you also to our new website, completely dedicated to tomato hooks:


Steel Tomatohooks without twine14 cm 18 cm 22 cm 24 cm
Q-ty per 1 box 1500 pcs. 1250 pcs. 1000 pcs. 1000 pcs.
Box weight 30 kg 29 kg 26 kg 28 kg
Q-ty per 1 pll. 45 000 pcs. / 30 box37 500 pcs./ 30 box 30 000 pcs./ 30 box 30 000 pcs./ 30 box
Pallette dim. 120x80x170 120x100x160 120x100x140 120x100x140
Pallette weight920 kg 890 kg 800 kg 860 kg