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Tomsystem fastening system


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  • Basic information

    Tomsystem is an innovative plant clipping system that enables to secure stems of greenhouse plants and fasten them quickly with clips to the twine using metal staples. This new clipping tool enables tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers to be secured quickly and easily, making it the most efficient machine on the market.

    Complete set Tomsystem consists of:

    • Backpack-Battery (Weight: 1’4 Kg), with Autonomy: 20 hours
    • Tool “gun” (Weight: 0’950 Kg) – Software inside


    Tomsystem clipping system doesn’t need any special twine to be used. Clipping Gun Model AG235 has Closure Adjustment with 5 positions and 2 softwares (for plastic & bio twines)

  • Main difference to other tying vegetable systems

    Tom-System vs Twisting:

    • Increase tying/clipping speed.
    • Reduces the plant stress.
    • No risk of breaking Tops/Heads.
    • No need of skilled workers. Reduce labour costs.


    Tom-System vs Plastic clips:

    • Increase tying/clipping speed.
    • Reduce labour costs.
    • Degradable staple.
  • Tomsystem steel staples

    Standard V46 STAPLE – Galvanised-steel staple to avoid rusting.

    Non-galvanised V46BB STAPLE – Compostable, biodegradable non-galvanised steel staple: perfect for organic crops.