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8:00-16:00 (GMT +1)
  • Basic information

    Harvesting trolleys are designed for tomato or cucumber harvest into crates or boxes. Suspension system allows both rolling along the heating pipe system and free manoeuvring on the greenhouse connector. Additional seat facilitates work at harvesting low-growing crops.

    The WDZ series harvesting trolleys are made of steel box profiles protected with an anticorrosive layer (finished products are electroplated). Trolleys are hand operated.

    WDZ-CZ harvesting trolley features aluminium wheel hubs and rubber tires. Carrying capacity of the trolley is 150 kg when fitted with five 15-kilo crates lined up in each of 2 rows.

  • The most important advantages of the trolleys are

    • stable and secure steel construction
    • anticorrosive protection due to zinc electroplating
    • fitted moving wheels, simplifying manoeuvring around the greenhouse
    • undercarriage designed for driving both along heating pipes and on flat surface
    • durability and reliability


Dimensions: 1813x884 cm
Weight: 19 kg
Max platform load:150 kg