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  • Basic information

    Protection on large areas
    The series of F30 Wanjet aerosol fogging machines was designed for use on large areas. An additional fan in a special housing, the shape of which was determined in thorough aerodynamic tests, provides high effectiveness of work even on very long distances.

    Minimal contact with chemicals – Full automation
    Thanks to an advanced microprocessor system, the operators of Wanjet F30 fogging machine are not exposed to any chemicals during the work. Fogging may be programmed in the period of up to 24 hours.

    As soon as the tank is filled in with the preparation and start-up time is programmed, the mixing system turns on in order to sustain the homogeneity of the dispensed preparation.

    Initial air circulation
    Before starting the fog generator, the automatic system turns on the fan in order to force air circulation inside the given building.

    After the initial circulation, the process of generating fog begins and lasts until the tank is empty.

    Automatic cleaning
    After the fogging with the proper preparation is finished, water from the upper tank flows to the lower one which is already empty, where it is scattered, thus cleaning the tank, the hoses and the jets.

    Sustaining the circulation
    The last stage of the programme is sustaining the circulation for some time after the main task is finished, so that the particles of the used preparation which remain in the air are dispensed evenly onto the whole area.

    Effectiveness and reliability
    The construction of the fan housing was determined in thorough aerodynamic tests. Very strong, controlled air stream was achieved thanks to the conic construction of the inlet. All the elements exposed to chemicals are made of ethylene plastics and stainless steel for reliable operation. The chassis is galvanically protected.


Steering: microprocessor
Fogging capacity:0-8,5 l/h
Capacity of the fan: 5400 m3/h
Range: 60 m
Volume of the tank: 12 l
Power supply: 220-240 V AC
Mixing: Mechanical
Power of the fan: 370 W
Power of the fog generator: 1000 W
Accessories:Wheeled chassis
Height adjustment:140-190 cm
Dimentions: 130x70x165 cm
Weight: 42 kg