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Professional greenhouse equipment

The proper functioning of a greenhouse, and hence the profitability of the cultivation, depends on many factors. One of them is greenhouse equipment, which affects the automation of specific plant care processes, while ensuring a stable growth environment for even the most demanding species – fruit, vegetables, flowers.

As a brand specializing in the design and production of greenhouse equipment, we offer high-quality solutions that facilitate everyday work and directly translate into the quality and abundance of crops. We encourage breeders interested in increasing the functionality of their garden facilities to familiarize themselves with our offer.


Greenhouse equipment – PRECIMET brand solutions

As a brand with many years of experience and traditions in the horticulture industry, we offer our clients a wide range of non-accidental solutions. Our permanent assortment includes components that make up a well-thought-out and functional greenhouse equipment, thanks to which you can increase the efficiency of the cultivation environment, at the same time limiting the scope of manual work or significantly facilitating it.

By offering technologically advanced greenhouse equipment and fittings, we respond to the diverse needs and expectations of customers. Regardless of whether the greenhouse is used for growing vegetables and fruit or ornamental plants, you will find the right solutions in our assortment. PRECIMET greenhouse equipment is used in greenhouse farms in the European Union and the countries of Eastern Europe. The PRECIMET brand successfully competes with the offer of Western companies, for which it is an interesting alternative. Our greenhouse equipment provides a very good price-quality ratio. They are distinguished by durability and trouble-free operation for a long time of operation.

In addition to greenhouse equipment and fittings, we offer professional services, as part of which we design and manufacture comprehensive equipment for professional greenhouses, including industrial task machines.