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8:00-16:00 (GMT +1)
  • Basic information

    The MSO-03 washing machine was designed for industrial crates washing. It features a stand-alone, compact, welded structure enclosed in a housing made of acid-resistant Cr-Ni steel. Water in the main washing unit circulates in closed cycle which allows for considerable savings. Crates are loaded on one side of the machine and unloaded on the other, thus making it possible for the machine to be included in a continuous transport line. When located in the loading section, the crates are automatically moved along the main washing unit. The crate guides in the washing unit can be easily adjusted to the crates dimensions.

    The washer consists of the main washing unit and rinsing unit. The main washing unit has a closed water cycle. The washing jets are also made of stainless steel, which makes them much more durable than in case of plastic jets. The washing jets of the main washing unit are easily dismantled while the construction prevents their clogging. The best washing results are achieved after adding low-foam detergent to water in the main washing unit. The guides situated on both sides keep a crate in the right position during washing. Rinsing is done in a separate chamber located at the end of washing tunnel and requires a running water connection.

    The most important features of the washing machine:

    • compact design
    • made of Cr-Ni acid-resistant steel
    • washing water closed cycle (saves a lot of water)
    • access door to the washing chamber for cleaning the machine
    • pump motor power: 5.5 kW
    • automatic crates transport
    • washing capacity: appr. 600 crates per hour (5 kg crates, depending on how dirty they are)
    • tank capacity: 700 l
    • effective washing water filtering system with a system of steel mesh sieves
    • washing jets – made of acid-resistant steel with a clog-preventing system


Machine dimensions: 4400/1450/1590
Power supply: 400 V
Weight:ca. 530 kg - dry machine
Crates transporting assembly
Gear motor:MRA-06
Gear motor power:0,37 kW
Transporting speed:4,7 m/min
Power consumption:1,22 A
Power supply:400 V
Washing unity
Pump power: 5,5 kW
Power supply:400 V
Power consumption:11,5 A
Washing capacity:approx 600 crates of 5 kg per hour
Tank capacity: approx. 700 l
Heating unit
Number of heat:6 (1+2)
Power per a heater:4,5 kW
Total power:27,0 kW
Power supply:3x230V
Adjustable temp:YES (factory setting: 50 C deg)
Additional information
Total power:~33,0 kW
Protection:IP 44
Protection class: I
Noise level:<= 70 dB*
Work environment
Temperature:od + 5C do + 40C
Humidity:< 85%
* - measured 1 m from the machine, at the height of 1.6 m