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  • BIO solution and certifications

    Precimet is proposing a complete range of biodegradable greenhouse products that combine robustness and fast composting. They simplify the work of growers, enabling the composting of all waste together without sorting the fasteners when the plants have reached the end of their life cycle.

    The robustness and flexibility of biodegradable clips and supports remains essentially identical to the plastic versions.

    Designed to support even different crops, the greenhouse range includes tomato clips, tomato supports plus cucumber clips and pepper clips. A value-added solution, the greenhouse clips can also be used in conjunction with the line of greenhouse supports and greenhouse hooks.

    Precimet partner holds NF EN 14995 certification for all its BIO solutions which guarantees that used BIO material and all BIO parts are fully biodegradable and compostable.

  • Classic 21 S BIO clips - tomatoes and peppers

    – Light and resistant design with multi-window internal design.
    – Design to favor the air and light path for better productivity and plant health.
    – Optimized for tomato plantations and pepper plantations.
    – Available in recycled PP and ECO biodegradable & compostable material.

  • Easy 26mm BIO Clips - tomatoes and peppers

    – The biggest and most resistant greenhouse clips
    – Fast-clip design to reduce labor costs.
    – Major weight resistance.
    – Optimized for tomato plantations and pepper plantations
    – Available in recycled PP and ECO biodegradable & compostable material.

  • Flextruss - tomatoes BIO

    – Tomato plant productivity improvement by protecting plant branches.
    – Patented flexible backbone structure
    – Adaptable to young and middle age tomato plants thanks to its flexibility and resistance.
    – Available in recycled PP and Biodegradable & Compostable Material.

  • Twinhook - tomatoes BIO

    – Tomato plant anti weight split protection.
    – One-size-fits-all design
    – Rounded edges that protect the plant and avoids botrytis.
    – Available in recycled PP and biodegradable & Compostable Material.
    – Patented by Partner!